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essential oilTypically I do not like to post ‘just a link’ but in this case, I feel so strongly about the subject that I will. I have always maintained that just because you are paying top dollar for an essential oil that you are not necessarily getting the best and the proof is in the pudding!

In no way am I detracting from any of the brands mentioned nor trying to slander any brand, but this is an eye opener that everyone who loves and uses essential oils needs to know about. And in fact, I buy from some of these companies (mostly herbs since I buy the bulk of my essential oils from Liberty Natural). Some of the companies mentioned, I know them personally! This is just something to consider when making your purchase of essential oils.

Full article about 3rd Party Testing On doTerra, Young Living, Mountain Rose Herbs, Nature’s Gift, Now

I am going to start off by saying this: This is my OPINION and my OPINION only…take it for what it is…
Starbucks is now ‘respectfully’ requesting that gun owners do not carry their firearms into their stores after a letter from citizens in Newtown, Connecticut sent a letter to Starbucks requesting an outright ban…REALLY??? Not that I am party to the liberal mindedness of Starbucks and I do realize that private property (ie store owners) can outright ‘ban’ firearms on their property, (such as the AMC movie theaters do…make a connection there??? And lets think about the other ‘no gun zones’ too where bad things have happened). I would question the reasoning behind their motive of ‘respectfully’ requesting that no ‘guns’ come into their stores, after all, a lot of ‘meetups’ occur in Starbucks where gun owners openly carry their firearms into the store, sit down and drink their coffee…and NOT ONCE HAS ANYTHING BAD HAPPENED. Geeze…have you ever heard of the saying ‘when seconds count the police are only minutes away’?
Really Starbucks? Now you are openly telling those who would seek to harm others or rob you, that your stores are ‘gun free’ (respectfully of course). Ever wonder why 7-11’s and other convenience stores openly courted police officers to come and get coffee??
In the risk assessment arena that now places you up there on soft targets. I used to enjoy a cup of joe once in a while from Starbucks inspite of their liberal socialist views, but this is my fare thee well parting…I am not going to be a sitting duck. Politics are one thing, but safety is another and no cup of coffee is worth my life being put in jeopardy.