A while back, several months ago in fact I made the purchase of a mosin nagant…hahaha…yep, say one word about cosmoline and I just might scream. But anyway, my partner in crime has done a couple of videos regarding my now favorite firearm, besides the carbine version (you should see the fireball on that one!) on the cleaning and tear down of your typical Mosin Nagant. What wasn’t shown was how many times he recleaned it do to sticky bolt issues. The bolt looked clean but was still full of cosmoline and had to be boiled. Works perfectly now…smooth as ice and fun to shoot.
Not exactly a zombie gun, but a good, economical choice at the moment. If you are looking for a good multipurpose rifle this would be it. Though I will caution, with the new federal executive ban on importing what they call ‘military surplus’ you will see the prices rise on this as the supply dries up. Ammunition for it is readily available for the most part through an American manufacturer (new) and you can still find the enjoyable ‘spam’ cans. Enjoy the videos.

By the way, I found a really good way to clean this rifle after use (which you should do everytime)…the .308 bore snake works well, quick and easy too.

Mosin Nagant Break Down

Mosin Bolt Break Down