The recent tragedy in California where 3 young men were stabbed to death and 6 young women killed and 13 others wounded by a lone, young, marginalized, mentally unstable young man welding at least one firearm has once again, gotten anti-gun control proponents talking again.
I offer my sincerest sympathy and prayers to all the families and friend involved in this very sad event and wish that it had not occurred. This will leave scars for life on all concerned and involved, and I am truly sorry for your losses and pain that you now carry.

However, we, as individual people and as a society need to take a deep breath and really begin to look at what created the circumstances in which a young man could go so far as to kill at least 9 people and wound 13 others. And I mean, really take a LOOK. Not just at the ‘tools’ the young man chose to end the lives of many and his own (ie guns and a knife), but take a hard look at how we deal with mental illness (most often by sticking our heads in the sand or just giving them a pill or two to medicate them into a fog).

We, both as individuals and a society need to take a look at what created a young man who felt so isolated, alienated, confused and disenfranchised that his only recourse was to retreat into ineffective, self-defeating anger and hate who could not understand that it is society itself is as we now know it, is built upon the chase of unattainable beauty, wealth and status that few ever achieve, is the real problem, not the young women. We promote beauty, youth, material things to the nth degree, yet we at the same time, also promote Globalism and ‘diversity’ in all places and things we do. The environment and social/economic equality is of the utmost importance. The individual does not matter, but we all do! Kinda opposite things yes? Confusing to say the least. Chase the materialism and yet save the world and be kind to all no matter what.

We need to understand that we as adults have created young men and women who expect the world to be handed to them and that we are allowing, through media and our school systems, our young adults in the making, to be indoctrinated into group think and mob rule. Our culture on the whole is falling into this problem. Communitarianism (Global Group Think) and mob rule (where by if you express and opinion different that others you are immediately shut up by any and all means including hate speech, name calling, marginalization and isolation by the group as a whole). We have unwittingly (or perhaps knowingly) made being a male somehow ‘wrong’. But yet we honor the youthful, beautiful male as something to be desired. We praise the man who makes a lot of money, we honor him and what he can do. We teach young girls that they can be and do anything they like, but by the way, you also need to blonde, a size 0 and that the most desirable ‘male’ is tall, muscle bound and has lots of money.

Everyone is equal but everyone is different and this is a good thing.

We teach our young children that diversity is great and good and that bullying is wrong, that we should be all inclusive no matter what but then they (our children) figure out pretty quickly that in order to make it to the ‘top’ you have to pick and choose and pack up with those who look like you or something on that theme. And by the way, we have also taught our children to ‘speak up’, that they have the ‘right’ to be heard and say what they want without any real consequences because personal ‘rights’ (and that means opinions too) are paramount. Does anyone not understand that this creates unsolvable conflict among all? That rather than promoting ‘diversity’ and ‘equality’ that we are simply setting up our children into little ‘groups’ of ‘diversity’ that have a mob mentality because they ‘have rights too’? Just look at flash mobs if you don’t believe me.

Are you starting to the get the picture?

Let me color inside the lines a bit more so you can see more of the picture.

Our communities are being destroyed…that means families, friendships, group identification or it is such that we are put into ‘boxes’ of ‘community’ based upon stereotypes which are decried by all and yet encouraged by the policies of our government. Yes, I am speaking directly to the feminist movement and ‘gender equality’. I am sorry, but when we as women came out of the house back during World War II we went to work to support the men who were fighting. Yes, we as women are capable of doing great things on our own, heck, I own my own home and business by myself, but when we begin to chase the materialistic world we begin to fall into ‘traps’. Our children are raised by someone else, we know that the most ‘beautiful women’ get the highest amount of money and the best ‘things’ so we race to the gym and have created eating disorders all types. We dishonor our sons, fathers and husbands by putting ourselves and our NEEDS before theirs all in the name ‘equality’. And then wonder why we can’t find a husband or why so many young women are single mothers struggling to make ends meet. Don’t get me wrong here, I am all for being given the OPPORTUNITY to have the choices available to me and my own daughters. But I don’t buy into the hype that I get to wear the pants and that men are useless. But this is what is ingrained into our culture now in so many forms, from the loss of meaningful work to the war on poverty (I mean, we are women after all and can do it all, don’t NEED YOU MEN thank you very much.

So is it any wonder that boyfriends, husbands or men in general don’t stick around? After all, you can take care of yourself and don’t need ME you got it goin’ on GIRL!). Take a deep breath now…stop and think…we honor and admire ‘beautiful women’ by objectifying them. We have taught men, our young men, that ‘to get it’ is all we are good for to them, or that a woman who is not the model is somehow ‘less than’ (which is odd since we are ‘equal’). But I am digressing here. And not all boys or young men or adult men are like this. But I ask you to question the values we knowingly or unknowingly instill in our next generation and our own thinking. I am in no way saying that women belong in the kitchen or teaching only. But I do question just how far we have taken ‘raising women up’ and the toll it has taken on our country in the name of equality and social justice. We have created a culture where by the pursuit of beauty and materialism and/or entitlement has destroyed so much in terms of good relationships (with others and ourselves) that we are now facing a generation of young men and women who don’t know which end is up and have no guiding light in which to follow.

We have a culture in which drugs, sex and violence is glorified, but is frowned upon at the same time. We have a culture that is rapidly being turned upon each other in the name of ‘safety’, ‘the environment’ and ‘equality’ and ‘justice’. We are being manipulated into packs that fight amongst ourselves over trivial matters. We are spoon fed through the media what to think, what to do, how to do it, when to do it. We are made to believe that what we see on TV or here on the news or learn in school is the absolute TRUTH and our reality is or should be everyone else’s. But we have forgotten that we are not all the ‘same’ and while I believe in equal basic rights for all human beings, I am not buying into the game that we are indeed ‘all equal’. I know for sure I cannot be firefighter, though I know some women can. I understand some women are better suited to fighting than raising children, just as some men (like my #2 son) are excellent with children. But we are being forced into ‘diversity’ based upon ‘equality’ and ‘justice’ and all this does is create divisiveness, anger and finally…action. And increasingly that ‘action’ is in the form of some sort of violence or show of force against those perceived as the oppressors. But yet we are being groomed more and more into homogeneity…meaning we are equal, group think, mob rule. Nothing more, nothing less for anyone no matter what. How did this work in the past and right now? (think USSR, Nazi Germany, The EU).

I am just touching the tip of the iceberg here on what is going on. I am deeply troubled by what I see on youtube and facebook, especially how the 20 somethings and younger seem to think violence and mob rule or ‘their rights’ are somehow more important than another’s. That they can say and do anything because no one says NO. After all, we are free to do and be who we are right? That is equality and justice. We as adults see this and do nothing, say nothing, after all, that’s just how it is right? That’s just those kids.

Until a young man actually takes action on his rage of confusion and then, its all about the gun isn’t it?

Its all very sad and I pray that from this pain, we can all make a change.