nuclearThe Rules….without rule of law we know what happens…chaos. We have just passed today a historic moment in which the members of the Senate Democratic memebers have fundamentally changed the way business gets done. They have pushed the so-called ‘nuclear button’ in an effort to further destroy the ability of the opposition’s voice on matters that effect the future long term. The Democratics, in their stupidity, have pushed the nuclear button on how to stop a filibuster on the Senate floor. They have changed the rules in their favor to override the voice of the minorities, in this case, the Republicans. The ‘fight’ to change the ‘rules’ of how business gets done in the Senate was obstinately done over the lack of the ability to appoint BHO’s judges due to Republicans blocking votes by filibustering. Now, instead of needing 60 votes to override a filibuster, the Senate now only needs 51 votes. But this rule can be extended to almost ANY matter before the Senate including voting on international Treaties or as most recently seen, the Federal Debt Ceiling and Budget.
Now this may sound stupid, but it is the right of the people to have their voice heard, that is why we have elections (supposedly). Filibusters have long been used to stop or delay laws or life long political appointments that the minor was dead opposed to. But now, it is a matter of majority rule, by one vote which, in effect, means that the ruling majority party can do whatever they want and ramrod their political agenda down our throats without due process or any way of stopping them. At the moment they are picking the fight over Federal Court Judges but what is to say they won’t apply this new ‘rule’ to another matter in the future? The precedent is now set. The Senate is now completely under the dictators direction and we have no power to stop them in the coming months and years. It seems that we are now truly under the thumb and the dictator’s legacy will go forward into our future without recourse, even when he is gone.
And as a side note, it was the Democratics under the first President Bush who got the original rule put in place and used filibustering to stop political appointments and treat signings. Stay aware people, the reach of the dictator is now even longer and the way of life in America, though it seems so stupid and unimportant has now fundamentally been changed forever. Those in power are cementing their power even further without care as to the voice of those who disagree with them. The wolf is peeling off his clothing. If he can’t just wave his pen by executive order he can now turn to the turn coats that have been elected to do his dirty work for him, all the while claiming plausible deniablity because ‘the voice of the people’ have done it.
Hang on folks, me thinks we are really now going to see the ‘change’ he promised.